The forum’s rising stature can be attributed to its success in attracting distinguished personalities from across the spectrum of public life.

Our inspiring and accomplished speakers, who hail from different walks of life- politics, academia, business, technology, sports, entertainment – have largely contributed to diversification of the forum’s content, making it attractive for people from a variety of educational backgrounds and nationalities.

Our ability to attract the best speakers has led us to become one of Europe’s foremost Indian conferences, besides being one of the longest-surviving forums on campus. Your valuable support will help us in securing the best-speakers from India, which in turn will contribute to an increased exposure for your organisation.

Coordinators oversee the overall planning and organisation of the forum, and are in charge of ensuring that all teams with Warwick India Forum collaborate efficiently. As representatives of the forum, they meet with key partners to discuss the aims and logistics for the forum.

The marketing team is responsible for expanding the outreach of Warwick India Forum and its events. The team is also in charge of handling the society’s social media handles, with the aim of keeping members updated about the events we hold.

The primary job of the finance and sponsorship team is to raise funds for the society, through securing external sponsorship and internal grants. In addition, the team is also responsible for handling the dealings with our external partners, who provide non-monetary support and branding.

This team is in charge of preparing creative and engaging digital posters, working in close coordination with the marketing team. In addition, the team has to create promotional videos for the various events the society holds.

The primary task of the treasury team is to ensure a steady cash-flow throughout the year. The team works in close coordination with the finance and sponsorship team, to determine the overall budget for the forum, and is solely responsible for looking after reimbursements and other finance-related formalities.

The operations team is responsible for making the logistical arrangements for the conference, including venue management, coordinating registration, and catering. The operations team is also in charge of making the necessary arrangements for our speakers; and, online and physical ticketing.

How to join the team?

Currently, there are currently no openings at WIF. Check back later, or follow us on Facebook for further announcements.